Introducing Big Data capabilities at Qubiz

Published On January 20, 2017
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For the last couple of years, Big Data has constantly been on the most significant technologies list. And that’s pretty easy to understand.

Why Big Data?

Big Data is powerful because it enables access to vast information.

For companies, Big Data means accurate, detailed business data that translate into improved operational performance. Upper management can use Big Data insights to improve forecasts and decision making. Big Data can also reveal new market segments, and spark ideas for new products and services.

What’s more, its applications can impact almost any sector: healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and even media.


Top 10 digital transformation resources in 2016

Published On January 13, 2017
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With machine learning, artificial intelligence and the internet of things taking up much of the conversation in 2016, chances are that you haven’t heard about digital transformation that often.

Still, digital transformation is a process that almost any company will have to go through at some point – if they want to stay in business. A Forrester Research insight estimates that companies that don’t make the transition within the next 10 years will either go out of business or be acquired. (source)

Yet, CEOs and upper management are not always sure where to start or how to navigate a digital transformation – the process of realigning investment in new technology, business models, and operations in order to drive value and to compete more effectively in an ever-changing digital economy.

So, we put together a list of the best materials on digital transformation published in 2016 to lend a helping hand.


Vote for us at the European Business Awards [video]

Published On January 12, 2017
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Qubiz Romania's video at the European Business Awards

We’re not very fond of bragging, we like to let our work speak for us. But on this occasion, we need to make an exception.

‘What happened?’, you might be wondering.

The big news

Well, back in September we were shortlisted as National Champion in the European Business Awards, THE largest cross-business competition in Europe. 34.000 businesses entered the 2016/2017 edition of the Awards, which recognize and promote business excellence and best practices.


Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality Is Not Just A Toy Anymore

Published On January 6, 2017
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Remember Pokémon Go?

Well, augmented reality (AR) is much more than a game. To see what AR is and can be, let’s take a look at Gartner’s top 10 digital trends. Among AI & machine learning, blockchain and intelligent apps & apps, and other fascinating trends, we can find the trend that’s subject of this article: “Virtual and Augmented Reality”.


‘Tis the season to give back

Published On December 23, 2016
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At Qubiz we strongly believe in helping others. It starts from the inside, with our colleagues. We help them by getting them into a position in which they can do their best work. Next, our colleagues help our clients through the software solutions they build, test and deliver. This, in turn, helps our company grow.

And yet, for us, helping others isn’t restricted to the office or to working hours. No man is an island, entire of itself, every man is part of a continent. That applies at a company level too. We’re not on our own, we’re part of a community – both in Oradea and in Cluj-Napoca.


We’re National Champions in the European Business Awards

Published On November 8, 2016
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There is no shortage of business success stories in the media. Some of them are allegedly overnight successes – one lucky individual who managed to transform an idea into a very profitable business. Other stories are closer to the truth: they bring up the highs and lows, the steps it took to get there.

But it’s only a few of all those stories that mention one of the top ingredients for success: great teams. Which is why we landed our latest distinction and why we’re doing this article today.


Introducing TEDx in Oradea

Published On November 2, 2016
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What do you think of when you see an “X”?

In maths, it stands for something that’s unknown, the solution to a problem you need to solve. In real life, when we say X, we generally add a ‘my/your/his/her’ before it and refer to the past – some situation, story or relationship that taught you important lessons.

Then there are maps. When you look at a map and you see an X, you know where you are, your approximate position within a specific space.

And there’s the X that stands next to TED. In this context, it means independently organized TED event. OK – maths, histories and maps, all those sound familiar. But what’s TEDx?


Startup Weekend Oradea, 2nd edition

Published On November 1, 2016
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They say that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. The same can be said about entrepreneurs.

Anyone can become an entrepreneur and Startup Weekend is just the place for it.


Top 17 free coding courses to check out

Published On October 12, 2016
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Only Chuck Norris can write code that optimizes itself.

The rest of developers need online courses, articles and tutorials to learn new things and improve their skills. But the overwhelming number of choices can make anyone easily lose focus when trying to improve or pick up a new skill.


Tech events to attend this Autumn

Published On October 6, 2016
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Autumn is arguably the best season of all. It’s a colorful time filled with joyful things like pumpkin-flavoured beverages, festivals, Halloween and the (in)famous Movember. But the most fruitful thing about this period is that it is known as the “back to school” season.

Even if you’re not a student anymore, this vibe can help you get back in the lifelong learning spirit. You know the benefits of investing in yourself, you just need an idea and a little motivation. On this note, we thought of sharing with you a shortlist of tech events that will take place in the near future.

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