Published on July 20, 2016
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Back in June, at the last edition of Oradea Tech Hub, we had two speakers from Davanti, Marcel de Leeuw and Pim de Jager, who held a presentation about their product, specifically about the process of finding a suitable technological partner and the subsequent collaboration.

Located in the Netherlands, Davanti is one of Qubiz’s dearest clients; the main product we’re developing together is a Warehouse Management System (WMS) called Corax. You can read our case study about it if you’re already curious.

The point of their presentation is to share the experience of a Dutch tech company looking for a technological partner nearshore. In line with their open and humorous nature, our colleagues at Davanti structured their slideshow as a parable for dating and marriage. Weird, but it makes sense:

  • Preparing for dating (establishing the criteria for selecting a partner)
  • The actual first dates (choosing a technological partner, starting a pilot project)
  • The marriage (the actual long term collaboration)

You can view the whole presentation here:

Now, you’ll probably not be surprised if I tell you that they are happy to have picked Qubiz – we’ve been working for a year together and the relationship works better than ever, especially since the coming of our first child: the Corax mobile app, a mobile version of their main WMS intended to support the operators inside the warehouse.

Back to their presentation, we won’t cover it in its entirety, instead we’ll extract some of their tips for a successful nearshoring collaboration:

  • Set up a balanced team in terms of roles and seniority levels and let everyone have their say
  • Set up a pilot project and set realistic expectations from it
  • Do the ceremonies, i.e. SCRUM meetings and regular visits on location
  • Use ubiquitous language: use standard terminology to refer to business logic or technical concepts
  • Don’t impose technical solutions; after all, you’ve chosen a technological partner, let them do their job
  • Use mockups, present the bigger picture to the whole team, be open minded
  • Invest in QA & testing
  • Have fun together

In lieu of conclusion, Davanti ultimately chose Qubiz because we were a good fit technologically, but the decisive differentiators were our company culture, our one-stop shop boutique company size, our proactivity and client care, our good retention rate, and our ability to scale up the teams. It’s definitely an example of good collaboration in which both sides act as One Team.


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