Published on May 16, 2014
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On the 9th of May, in Timisoara, I was happy to represent Qubiz and be a part of the team who participated in the “Hire with purpose” training, organised by AIMS Executive Search and Consulting company.

Florentina Badita, our trainer, has has been building an experience in executive search and consulting starting 2005, and she is a HR specialist since 2003. She was not only a trainer but a good host, offering us an atmosphere in which we could learn, but also feel welcomed to be part of this training.


For the whole day, together with other 10 HR people from IT and Engineering companies from 4 cities in Romania, I attended the course in which we found out more about many things related to:

  • Proper channels for promoting the job opportunities

  • Marketing in recruitment

  • Identifying candidates

  • Sourcing strategy

  • How to attract candidates

  • 5 steps for rebranding

  • Employer branding

In the end, I must confess that it was a very interesting experience due the fact that we could also interact with each other, we could share ideas and above all I learned interesting and new things.

by Alina


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