Published on April 1, 2015
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I joined the company when spring decided to come – more exactly, on the 2nd of March, at 9 o’clock sharp. I woke up that morning full of enthusiasm, with a smile on my face (usually it’s difficult for me to wake up early in the morning), happy to take up the new challenge – being an HR specialist at an IT company. During the interviews for the job, I heard about the processes inside the company and how much the Qubiz management cares for their people. I was a little bit impressed that this is actually happening in Oradea!

As soon as I entered the front door I was received with a warm welcome. A lot of smiling faces… I heard before that IT guys and gals are living in their own world (usually a computer screen), and are not really interested in social interaction. Wrong! Of course, it was difficult to remember all their names and the projects they’re working on, but I tried to maintain the impression I know everybody when I passed through the different floors and hotel apartments where we extended our offices (oh, more on that in a future post)… Anyway, meeting everybody in the Qubiz team gave me a strong feeling that I’m going to work with really nice people… and now I can say my feeling has been confirmed every day.

During my first week I had the impression that my job there is going to be easy. The second week gave me the opposite impression – I was afraid that it’s going to be hard for me to perform at my new job given my poor IT knowledge (I had some IT courses in high-school, but that was years ago)… Well, I had that uncomfortable impression that my new colleagues and I weren’t going to speak the same language for a long time… But things got better with each day that passed and now I am more optimistic. In fact, I am very happy with my decision to join the Qubiz team. After all, challenges help you grow!

Although Qubiz is far from being a rigid company – actually, the opposite is true – we have here a very good system that helps us organise our work and time, at an individual level, but also as a team. We use tools such as shared calendars, an app for time registration (to approximate the time spent on different tasks, so that we can make better estimates in the future), shared Google Docs, task management tools such as Basecamp or Todoist and so on.

And then there are the HR related processes that are worth mentioning! For instance, our colleagues’ Development Sessions, designed to support their personal and professional development over the years, is a great instrument of motivation. Furthermore, the ongoing recruitment and onboarding processes, and the periodical events we organise, are all good occasions for me to be closer to my colleagues, exercise my soft skills, have a good time and enrich my professional knowledge.

For what I can tell right now, I’m happy with my job and I consider it to be part of this adventure called LIFE!


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