7 tips for a great vacation

Published on July 19, 2018
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In 2015 we shared 7 tips to make to most of your vacation. A few days ago  – while planning the 10th annual Qubiz Summer Camp – we revisited the list and found that it’s still very relevant. So we decided to rewrap the main points in a more visual way. Without further ado, enjoy the following infographic.


10 business snapshots from 10 years of Qubiz

Published on June 20, 2018
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When someone mentions 10 years, you instantly think: “Oh, that’s such a long time!”. But 10 years is more than that. 10 years is a journey.

For us, it’s been a journey from startup to established company, from a small team of 3 to a super team of 160 (and counting).

Since it’s been quite the ride, we looked back a bit to count the big moments. We’d like to share our story with you – so read on: 10 important business moments in our journey.


Qubiz Among the Best Companies in Europe

Published on June 4, 2018
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On 22nd of May we went to Warsaw to participate at the European Business Awards Summit, the final stage of this year’s edition of the most prominent business contest in Europe. The event took place over two days and encompassed judging sessions (more on that in a couple of lines), workshops, networking cocktails and the awards ceremony.


New year, new Qubiz Bike Ride

Published on June 4, 2018
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Even if we didn’t get the best weather (gross understatement), we had a lot of fun at the first edition of Qubiz Bike Ride last year. So much that we decided to do it again. This time when it’s a bit warmer outside.

So, we scheduled the second Qubiz Bike Ride for the 16th of June.


How HoloLens can help business development

Published on April 10, 2018
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Getting new clients is one of the most difficult tasks for any company. Still, new clients are requisite for growth. To this end, business development, along with marketing and advertising, play a crucial role.

However, even if the internet and mobile devices have brought about new channels, people are exposed to hundreds of ads per day. That makes it increasingly harder to stand out in a crowded market, both for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies.


Why Qubiz was selected the best workplace in Romania

Published on April 4, 2018
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Until 7 PM that day, 15 March had been as normal a day as any at Qubiz. Meetings, emails, work, lunch break, ping-pong, meetings, emails.

And just before we left the office, in came an email that would make the day special.


Qubiz designated the best workplace in Romania
at the EBA 2017/18

Published on March 19, 2018
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Qubiz was named National Winner for Romania in the The Workplace and People Development Award category at the European Business Awards! Thus we made it to the final stage of the competition where we’ll attend, along with companies from across Europe, the judging and awards ceremony gala in Warsaw, Poland, on 22nd & 23rd May 2018.


10 things we learned in 10 years of Qubiz

Published on March 12, 2018
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Less than half of the startups are still in business 5 years after they’ve started. (source) And here we are celebrating 10 years of Qubiz.

Since it’s a big achievement and a big milestone, we wanted to take a moment and share what we learned along the way – see the article.


How to make your CV stand out

Published on January 17, 2018
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Many people made a New Year’s resolution to invest in their careers in 2018. Probably so did you. A top-notch resume comes in handy in order to keep this resolution.

We made a list of tips that will help you make your resume stand out. These can be useful whether you need to polish a CV that’s been for a long time somewhere on your PC or whether you need to create your very first professional autobiography.