A different kind of internship

Published On June 21, 2017
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At Qubiz we have at least two internships every year: one during the spring break, and one over summer vacation. Students who join our ranks for the program get their hands dirty with a real-life software project. They work in Scrum teams led by senior mentors.

This spring we added another twist to the internship by teaming up with the University of Oradea. The objective was to deliver a software for professors as well as to offer students a different perspective on software development. Let’s hear the details of the project from the mentors:


Taking a leap of faith

Published On June 21, 2017
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The obstacles and rewards of changing your role in a software company

Nowadays professionals tend to change jobs every 3 to 5 years. You can observe this tendency especially in dynamic industries such as IT&C. At Qubiz, we believe there are better ways to build your career. Why leave your comrades when you can find new opportunities within the same company?

Most of our colleagues choose this path. In some cases they switch projects or learn a new technology, and in other instances they take up new roles and responsibilities. I asked Răzvan – who arguably has the most interesting career path inside the company – to tell us his story.


Why you should outsource software development

Published On June 6, 2017
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It’s no longer news: companies that don’t embrace digital have a small chance of staying in business 2-3 years from now. So, what’s the best option for developing the necessary software solutions: setting up in-house or outsourcing to software development companies?

While there are benefits to keeping software development in-house, there are also significant challenges, especially at project outset. Outsourcing teams bypass many of those, making it easier to start the actual development.

Here is a list of aspects to consider.


More than a medal: the EBA Gala in Dubrovnik

Published On May 31, 2017
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So we went at the European Business Awards Gala. And it’s official, we’re the National Public Champion for Romania. Here’s the medal:

We’re pleased to have it. We worked hard to earn it. Thank you for helping us get it! But the whole thing wasn’t only about the medal. The event and the whole experience were also worthwhile. But lemme start with the beginning.


10 fresh business books to check out this summer

Published On May 30, 2017
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If Warren Buffett could credit one habit for his success, it would be reading. According to him, reading, and thinking, have led him to fewer impulse decisions.

Still, even if you’re not Warren Buffett, reading has proven benefits for you too. According to studies, people who read are more empathetic, more cultured, more likely to live longer and can enjoy sharper minds as they age. (source, source). What’s more, you can dive into a book no matter where you are: lying on a sunny beach, on a hot afternoon after work or after a hike in the mountains.

While there are a lot of classic business books, we went in and selected the most interesting books published this year. So, here you go: 10 fresh, interesting business books to check out over the summer (no, the heat is not an excuse to get lazy).


How to get on Financial Times’ Top 1000 list

Published On May 2, 2017
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Here are the 3 steps that worked for us.

First, we looked for the best people – we scanned for brains, skills and attitude. Once we found them, we provided them with what they needed so they can be the best they can be and do their best work. Next, we added some challenging software development projects to the mix, rinsed and repeated as needed and….voila! Here we are today: Qubiz made the Financial Times’ top 1000 Fastest growing companies in Europe list on position 184. Check it out here. Sweet, right?


Qubiz is National Public Champion for Romania

Published On March 9, 2017
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Who would have ever guessed that 7 weeks can go by so quickly?

The 2nd stage of the 2016/2017 European Business Awards, where we competed for the National Public Champion, started on 6 January. Next thing after that, bam! it was the 23rd of February – one week to 1st of March, when the voting was scheduled to end. Puf, that’s 7 weeks to you.

Still, it was an awesome 7 weeks, and we want to tell you all about it.


Introducing Big Data capabilities at Qubiz

Published On January 20, 2017
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For the last couple of years, Big Data has constantly been on the most significant technologies list. And it’s pretty important to understand why.

Why Big Data?

Big Data is powerful because it can create a lot of targeted information from an awful lot of diverse, mixed and somewhat unstructured data.

For companies, Big Data means accurate, detailed business data that translate into improved operational performance. Upper management can use Big Data insights to improve forecasts and decision making. Big Data can also reveal new market segments, and spark ideas for new products and services.

What’s more, its applications can impact almost any sector: healthcare, manufacturing, retail, media, etc.


Top 10 digital transformation resources in 2016

Published On January 13, 2017
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With machine learning, artificial intelligence and the internet of things taking up much of the conversation in 2016, chances are that you haven’t heard about digital transformation that often.

Still, digital transformation is a process that almost any company will have to go through at some point – if they want to stay in business. A Forrester Research insight estimates that companies that don’t make the transition within the next 10 years will either go out of business or be acquired. (source)

Yet, CEOs and upper management are not always sure where to start or how to navigate a digital transformation – the process of realigning investment in new technology, business models, and operations in order to drive value and to compete more effectively in an ever-changing digital economy.

So, we put together a list of the best materials on digital transformation published in 2016 to lend a helping hand.


Vote for us at the European Business Awards [video]

Published On January 12, 2017
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We’re not very fond of bragging, we like to let our work speak for us. But on this occasion, we need to make an exception.

‘What happened?’, you might be wondering.

The big news

Well, back in September we were shortlisted as National Champion in the European Business Awards, THE largest cross-business competition in Europe. 34.000 businesses entered the 2016/2017 edition of the Awards, which recognize and promote business excellence and best practices.