Published on November 8, 2013
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For sure, 2013 is a very important year for Qubiz. We have so many reasons to believe so!

We grew both as a team and as individuals. In Spring, we extended with a new office in Cluj-Napoca next to the one in Oradea; our partnerships in the United Kingdom have grown from one month to another and a lot of projects and clients are showing up. In addition, this year we were mentioned as one of the most appreciated IT companies in the Eastern Europe in the Computer Weekly magazine in the Great Britain.

In July, we received the invitation to be one of the nearshoring companies from Romania presented on RTL Z, the Dutch channel which is the economical division of RTL 7.

RTL 7 is RTL Group’s channel in The Netherlands and began transmitting on the 12th of August 2005, when it replaced Yorin. RTL Z is a Dutch business and financial news television program broadcast on RTL 7, dealing with economic changes and stock exchange news.

The TV show in which Qubiz will be invited can be seen for an entire week, on the following days (the hours are in Dutch Time):

  • Monday, 11-11-2013, 13:20
  • Tuesday, 12-11-2013, 14:20
  • Wednesday, 13-11-2013, 16:20
  • Thursday, 14-11-2013, 10:20
  • Friday, 15-11-2013, 11:20

That week’s business focus of RTL Z is outsourcing, with many TV shows debating the main reasons for outsourcing activities and services. Qubiz is presented and recommended as a nearshore company which delivers quality software, adding value to the client’s business.

To watch the program outside The Netherlands please access the following link:!/u/8f2f9b0e-f150-3e0c-b516-cfbab18902a.

We are, of course, very honored to be part of the RTL Z show and we are looking forward to new such challenges – soon we will appear also on Money Channel Romania. Stay tuned with Qubiz.


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