Published on September 13, 2018
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Given the ubiquity of smart devices and the swift advances in artificial intelligence, what was once a thing of the future is happening as we speak.

Technology has long taken the lead, driving change and innovation across different fields and industries from music to logistics, health, and finance. Digital transformation and integrating technologies into current business practices can mark the difference between success and failure for any company, regardless of size, industry or operations.

However, companies need a smart approach to integrating technology into their day to day operations. Technological expertise across verticals, along with sound knowledge of emerging technologies is essential to figuring out the best solution that will help companies stay in the lead.

To share our vast technological experience, we’re participating in the IT Leader Congress, 18th & 19th of September in Dusseldorf.

Our colleague Botond Gagyi (Strategic Partnership Manager) is looking forward to discussing how digital strategies can help you improve your current business processes and solutions in order to make the most of current technological trends.

Please book your meeting using the contact information below:

Botond Gagyi
Strategic Partnership Manager
M. +40 756 903903


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