Published on May 2, 2017
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Here are the 3 steps that worked for us.

First, we looked for the best people – we scanned for brains, skills and attitude. Once we found them, we provided them with what they needed so they can be the best they can be and do their best work. Next, we added some challenging software development projects to the mix, rinsed and repeated as needed and….voila! Here we are today: Qubiz made the Financial Times’ top 1000 Fastest growing companies in Europe list on position 184. Check it out here. Sweet, right?

Joke aside, getting here was anything but easy. However, with great colleagues by our side, we learned that if you have cool company culture centered around excellence, hard work, mutual respect, innovation, and fun, things pay off in the long run. Qubiz is the highest-ranked Romanian company on the list, all other Romanian companies being also from the IT industry. What’s more, we also experienced a 656% revenue increase between 2012 and 2015.

We were able to make spot #184 due to our whooping revenue increase that took between 2012 and 2015: 656% (no, it’s not a mistake, it’s indeed six hundred fifty six per cent).

About the top

The list was build by the Financial Times in partnership with Statista, a German online statistics and market research portal. Together, they researched databases for potential candidates and invited companies to participate. To be included in this ranking, companies needed to meet a set of pre-established criteria, available here.

Fun facts from the list

  • The most popular business sectors on the list are Technology (182 companies), Support services (104), Industrial Goods (82), Construction (74) and Ecommerce (71)
  • The company with the highest number of employees recorded the highest revenue: Zalando, an e-commerce company based in Germany. For 2015, its 9987 employees helped bring in almost 3 billion euros.
  • With 236 companies based in Germany and 235 based in the United Kingdom, these are the most popular countries on the list. Next in line are Italy (186 companies) and France (139).
  • The average revenue growth between 2012 – 2015 is 490% and 107 companies experienced over 10x revenue growth during this period. The most popular sectors for companies with over 10x revenue growth are: E-commerce (14 companies), Technology (13), Support services (10).
  • 5 Romanian companies have made the list and they’re all in the Technology sector. Qubiz ranked the best, on #184, and the next one Tremend on #311. The other 4 companies rank in the lower half of the top.

Our thoughts on the list

First of all, we’re super excited to make the list so high at spot 184. We’re happy to see that the results to our approach haven’t gone unnoticed and that the hard work’s paid off.

Also, since all 6 Romanian companies on the list are in the Technology sector, it’s safe to say that Romania has developed a strong presence there. However, currently all the Romanian companies present in this ranking provide services in the technology sector. Recent trends in the industry show a switch towards entrepreneurship and product development – so it’s going to be exciting to see how things develop from now on.

Last, but not least, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more companies from Romania, along with other sectors, present in this ranking in the future.

What’s your take on this?


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