Published on September 29, 2016
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If you’re a software tester, chances are you know about ISTQB Foundation and Agile Tester. But do you know that you can now take the exams in Oradea?

To support their QAs’ professional development, Qubiz requested a local exam certification session. Consequently, on November 23rd, Oradea will host, for the first time ever ISTQB Foundation and Agile Tester exams. What’s more, any software tester can join the session to take the exams.

What are ISTQB Foundation and Agile Tester?

ISTQB Foundation and Agile Tester are official proof of software testing knowledge, recognized in over 35 countries, including USA and Canada.

The certification exams are organised by ANIS, the official course and exam administrator for Romania. While ISTQB Foundation exams are held in several cities in Romania, Agile Tester exams were previously organised only in Bucharest. The exam session in Oradea will allow candidates to take any of these two exams.

Who should take the exams?

The exams address testers and other IT professionals with various levels of experience.

ISTQB Foundation is aimed at professionals who need to provide proof of fundamental software testing knowledge. It mainly targets testers and test engineers, but it is also appropriate for project managers, software development managers or IT directors. Candidates should have at least 6 months of experience in a professional testing role.

Agile Tester targets professionals who need to prove understanding of Agile principles and the role of testers in an Agile team. It is an extension of ISTQB Foundation and requires that candidates already hold a Foundation certificate.

ANIS organizes courses for both certifications and the courses syllabuses are also available online (ISTQB Foundation and Agile Tester). Still, candidates can take the exams even if they didn’t attend the courses.

Why take the exams?

Besides official international recognition, the exams provide benefits both for individuals and for teams. Software testers can further develop their skills and advance their careers, while IT managers, software development leaders and business developers will see increased client confidence.

Exam fees

ISTQB Foundation exam fees:

  • Standard, no course attendance: 170 EUR + VAT
  • ANIS member, no course attendance: 155 EUR + VAT
  • Standard, for course attendees: 120 EUR + VAT
  • ANIS member, for course attendees: 110 EUR + VAT

Agile Tester exam fees:

  • Standard, no course attendance: 200 EUR + VAT
  • ANIS member, no course attendance: 150 EUR + VAT
  • Standard, for course attendees: 180 EUR + VAT
  • ANIS member, for course attendees: 135 EUR + VAT

Because candidates are taking the exam outside of Bucharest, there is an additional fee of 10 euro + VAT representing administrative costs.

How to sign up for the exam

Candidates for any of the exams need to request a sign up form by emailing until November 14th 2016. For further questions, please contact Laura Parvu at



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