Published on September 19, 2018
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We are happy to announce that Qubiz has partnered with Sioux, a Dutch tech company centred on cutting edge technologies and innovation.

Qubiz - Sioux partnership

Based in Eindhoven, Sioux focuses on fields like embedded and application software, mechatronics, optics, hardware, electronics, and more. They have 8 offices in the Netherlands, 3 in Belgium, one in China, and one in the USA, and several delivery centres around the world.

Our companies joined forces in a strategic partnership that, on the one hand, helps us deliver more and faster, and on the other hand, strengthens our shared Big Data, IoT and Cloud expertise.

A bit of background

Qubiz’s collaboration with Sioux started as an augmented team setup, in which our developers and Sioux’s developers work together as One Team. This model allows our companies to build very complex solutions for world-class clients, involving both embedded and application software technologies. This collaboration went a few steps further and now we’re building a joint division focused on emerging technologies: Big Data, IoT, Cloud, and more.

Stregthening our expertise in Big Data, IoT, and Cloud solutions

Ron Willems, who leads the electronics and software division at Sioux, says that Big Data know-how is indispensable:

Our clients are in the process of making the transition to Industry 4.0. Machines are connected via the Cloud, critical information must be accessible 24 hours a day via secure channels and service must be provided remotely. In Qubiz, we have found the perfect partner to strengthen our expertise in this area.

Marcel Anghel, CEO of Qubiz, adds:

Having long term partnerships is a key part of our business strategy. A partnership like Sioux-Qubiz creates a synergy that allows our teams to work on very complex projects as if they were One Team. Both Sioux and Qubiz are mature companies, so there’s a lot to learn from each other.

In its 10 year history, Qubiz garnered a vast experience working with startups and enterprise clients alike, all coming from multiple industries. We’re happy to bring this expertise to the table and can’t wait to build exciting new stuff together!


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