Published on March 5, 2013
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Our business intelligence developers work with and analyze all sorts of data. Recently one of them realized the potential of analyzing data from social networks. If we are to take the most popular social network, Facebook, just in the last couple of years It has grown a lot in apps and especially in popularity. With more than 750 million active users of Facebook it made me realize that if companies would invest more time promoting themselves on the social networks It would do a lot of good to their business. Business intelligence was always a good way for improving and monitoring your business processes. Qlikview is one of those business intelligence tools that’s professional, popular and that keeps up with the trend. It has some great API connectors with which you can gather data from Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics;

With the help of Qlikview Connectors, companies can see:

  • the awareness of day to day people regarding their products;
  • how many people know about the company and about the services It provides;
  • what people feel about the company’s business, It’s brand and about It’s activity(it has a sentiment analyzer);

A sentiment analyzer is an application that analyzes text in order to determine the attitude of the writer and the sentiments that he want’s to transmit.

We might say that there is a connection between your image on social networks(number of likes, user sentiments, tweets) and you number of clients. The more active and well seen your company is the more people, potential clients, may find out about your business.

Social networks are a great way of promoting your business and to reach more clients and that social networks data can help you take important decisions regarding your brands and your purchase planning.

You can find more about Qlikview Connectors here and you can even try a demo here.

If you have any suggestions or ideas regarding brand and service promoting please share them; we will be more than happy to hear them.


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