Published on August 4, 2016
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In today’s ever-changing world, there are only a few certainties. The Qubiz Summer Camp is one of those. When the temperatures start rising, our colleagues start counting down to the company’s yearly summer trip.

As may already know, we tend to go the extra mile with these events; just like on previous editions, we invited not only the whole Qubiz Team to the trip, but also our families and clients. As you can imagine we were a big band of jolly fellows – 160 people to be exact.

At this year’s edition the team joined – if only for a weekend – a holiday military unit. The Arsenal Park from Orăştie is a place that blends a relaxing woodsy resort atmosphere with that of an old military unit. In fact, the resort was built on the premises of a former arms and ammunition factory and now serves as a holiday complex as well as an open air military museum.

A weekend in the life of a cadet

Two buses and a brigade of cars headed on Friday to our weekend destination. The longish road trip turned out to be very cheerful; jokes, laughs and games were our travelling companions. At Arsenal Park, after a well-deserved lunch break, we had the opportunity to visit an outdoor military museum and take selfies with the impressive collection of tanks, rocket launchers, cannons and fighter jets. Of course, some of us wanted to get a piece of the action and rushed to the paintball hall. The days finished with presents, booze and indoor games.




Saturday was all about activities – or to stick to the army theme: training. The brave ones could choose to “fight” in a paintball battle, hit the bullseye with an arrow, glide on the flying fox or prove their agility in the Adventure Park. For those of us who like to play it safe the alternatives included biking tour, football and board games. Another popular option was the aqua park which had saunas and an indoor pool – so jokes on you, bad weather! The night ended with a much anticipated dance party.

Sunday was a day of leisure. Of course, the die-hard fans of paintball and Adventure Park were very active, but most of the team just chilled or went on a walk to take a mental picture of the place. When the buses rolled out, the joyful band proved once again that travelling is more fun in large groups.




It’s hard to share everything that happened in our Summer Camp here, but I thought to ask a couple of my colleagues to help me out and share their thoughts:

Anca: Summer Camp … just being there with everyone is really nice – despite of the bad weather – because talking and playing board games bring people together. I really enjoyed climbing in the trees and do all those challenging trails. Having an aqua park near was a good thing too – for relaxing, reading, and sunbathing (if you got early Friday).

Cristi: Going to Arsenal Park was a fantastic idea, you never get bored there. We had plenty of activities, everyone found something interesting to do. If only we had good weather… everything would have been perfect then.

Alina: It was a nice Summer Camp, a wonderful time spent with family, friends, colleagues and clients. This was my 5th edition, but every year there is something new, so I’m already waiting for next year’s trip!

(Another) Cristi: I really liked the atmosphere, we laughed a lot. The out-of-the-office context helped me bond with my colleagues.

Bia: I really liked about Summer Camp the fact that it reunited participants from every age group: colleagues, partners and kids, even a one year old young girl. It was a friendly gathering with activities that suited every taste: Adventure Park for adults and teens seeking adrenaline, slides, swings and seesaws enjoyed by the little ones, while their mothers could share tips and tricks about parenting.

Jozsef: Why I liked this year’s Summer Camp edition? Because it was well-organised and in a great location. I was together with my family and colleagues at the same time. I also liked that although we had a lot of options for activities, nothing was mandatory, so it was relaxing.





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