Published on November 12, 2013
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The Client

U-BT Cluj-Napoca (previously known as U-Mobitelco) is a professional basketball club based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It competes in the Romanian Basketball Division A, being the most successful club from the Transylvania region. The club is actively involved in the formation of the future Romanian basketball players, having besides of the senior team, 8 junior teams.U-BT Cluj-Napoca is also one of the most loved club from Romania playing its home game in a full hall and enjoying the support of its fans in away games.

Project Background

U-BT Cluj-Napoca has one of the biggest fan base in the Romanian National Basketball League, but they were struggling to keep them close to the club. They wanted fans to have an easy way to stay up-to-date. Also they wanted to give to opportunity for fans to learn about the club's history and records in a fun way as well as to connect to the players in a more personal way.

The Solutions

To address the need of the club of keeping in touch with the fan base, Qubiz created a dedicated mobile app. The application has the following features:
  • News flow directly from the team’s official website
  • Championship and tournament calendar
  • Live score
  • Results
  • Championship’s official ranking
  • Presentation of the teams
  • Presentation of the sponsors
The app can be downloaded from iTunes or from Google Play.

Technical details

  • Qubiz developed a native app for iOS and Android platforms
  • The data for the news flow is obtained from the website of the club through web services
  • Carousel view for the presentation of the team
  • Table view for the news section, and championship rankings
  • Folding view for meniu

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