From IT Leaders to Innovation Rockstars

Published on December 4, 2019
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There’s no time like today to truly acknowledge the fact that times are indeed changing. And at the end of the day, we will see clearly the difference between those who are leveraging from the benefits of innovation and those who will be left behind. And I am sure none of us reading this article would want to be in that latter category. 


7 Reasons for Nearshoring to Romania

Published on November 25, 2019
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We’ve been talking about offshoring for a while now, and the first thing that comes to mind when we say this word is “India” or “China” or any other country with an abundant workforce and low costs. Offshoring is the activity of moving one company’s processes or some services in another country. The most common offshoring place in the IT industry is India. Its substantial workforce and very convenient prices made India the mecca for IT offshoring. But like all things in life, there are also significant disadvantages to it and lately, more and more companies choose to search for some rather customised approaches, closer to home. 


Top 3 mental pillars for IT leaders facing digital disruption

Published on October 14, 2019
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Once in a while, we need to take a step back and recognise the fact that, in the words of Steve Jobs, everything around us has been built by people no smarter than ourselves.

While this is quite a broad statement with very obvious caveats, it does offer an important shift in perspective. The increased complexity of the world around us has pressed us into making some very difficult decisions. Some of them were made actively and consciously. On the other hand, the ones we very rarely talk about, are the passive and unconscious ones.

A research report from Harvard Business Publishing regarding the state of leadership development in 2018 has revealed that the second most pressing barrier to the success of leadership development is that there’s too much organisational change. The first one being time constraints.


Our favorite trainings and conferences in 2019 (so far)

Published on July 17, 2019
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Excellence may sound like a buzzword, but for us, it expresses our constant appetite for innovation and technical proficiency. We consider it to be an essential ingredient of a good working environment, that’s why it’s one of the values that define the Qubiz Culture (aka Qubizm).

To stay true to this value, we set up an internal system that helps colleagues achieve their full potential. We constantly support our team by investing in hard and soft skills training sessions, materials, and periodic performance reviews. We compiled a list of the training sessions and conferences that our colleagues found the most useful this year. What other conferences would you recommend? Let us know in the comments section!


Our key takeaways from Intelligent Health AI

Published on September 26, 2018
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The Intelligent Health Summit in Basel, Switzerland were two days packed with interesting conversations and presentations on how technology will shape healthcare. If you didn’t make the event, here are our main takeaways from the event.


5 Summer reads for IT professionals

Published on August 21, 2018
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It’s always a good time to pick up a book, but August is a particularly great month for reading. During a vacation you have all sorts of downtime: traveling, working on your tan on the beach, staying in line in front of a museum, etc. Having something to read makes the time fly.

So we gathered a bunch of books that we, the Qubiz Team, recommend. We kept in mind that during summer you might prefer lighter subjects, so we skipped the Microsoft Certification Exam guidebooks! Without further ado, let’s see the titles:


7 tips for a great vacation

Published on July 19, 2018
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In 2015 we shared 7 tips to make to most of your vacation. A few days ago  – while planning the 10th annual Qubiz Summer Camp – we revisited the list and found that it’s still very relevant. So we decided to rewrap the main points in a more visual way. Without further ado, enjoy the following infographic.


How HoloLens can help business development

Published on April 10, 2018
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Getting new clients is one of the most difficult tasks for any company. Still, new clients are requisite for growth. To this end, business development, along with marketing and advertising, play a crucial role.

However, even if the internet and mobile devices have brought about new channels, people are exposed to hundreds of ads per day. That makes it increasingly harder to stand out in a crowded market, both for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies.


How to make your CV stand out

Published on January 17, 2018
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Many people made a New Year’s resolution to invest in their careers in 2018. Probably so did you. A top-notch resume comes in handy in order to keep this resolution.

We made a list of tips that will help you make your resume stand out. These can be useful whether you need to polish a CV that’s been for a long time somewhere on your PC or whether you need to create your very first professional autobiography.