The Summer 2019 .NET internship

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About The Internship But Were Afraid to Ask

About the project

The solution we are going to continue is a Research Activity Management System which will help the University structure its work more easily and faster.

In the process, we’ll automate the more laborious work teachers have to put in on different occasions.

You will be able to help bring technology upfront to design and implement such a system and earn professional experience in your field by doing so.

Internship period: 01.07.2018 - 14.08.2018

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We’ll be working on:

  • Implementing CRUD operations for main entities
  • Login and User profile functionality
  • Security stuff like change password/password recovery

Project setup:

  • The first 2 weeks will be dedicated to training
  • The following 4 weeks will be split up in 2 sprints
  • A typical sprint includes: daily standup, planning, estimates, development, peer reviews, final reviews, and a demo meeting
  • We'll also have a team building, i.e. an interactive meeting in which you will get to know each other better



What you'll learn:

  • C# / OOP
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript basics
  • TypeScript + Angular 2
  • ASP.NET Core MVC / API / EF Core
  • SCRUM Agile
  • Testing intro - because every developer needs to test their code!

Technology stack and approach:

  • ASP.NET Core API
  • HTML, CSS, TypeScript
  • Angular 2, Angular Material Design
  • Entity Framework Core - Code First
  • MSSQL Server
  • Authentication - Forms with JWT
  • Caching
  • Dependency Injection
  • Unit testing
  • Visual Studio Team Services
  • Continuous Integration in Azure

Getting ready

Our colleagues (who by the way will mentor the interns) made an extensive list of free learning materials. These will help you prepare for the technical interview. Also, we want to share with you our guide to writing a resume that stands out.


The internship was a great period. I've learned lots of new things and best practices that should be used in real-world projects. I've met new cool people, also the mentors were very dedicated to sharing their knowledge and helping the interns. Overall, it was a knowledge-gathering, but also a fun experience!
The internship at Qubiz was a springboard for my development career. Here you have the chance to learn from smart and dedicated people, beside which you can grow professionally. One important thing that I learned at this internship is teamwork on an attractive project.
The internship was an opportunity to learn alongside some of the best developers in the city. I picked up some valuable technical know-how, which comes in handy almost on a daily basis. It was refreshing and reassuring to know that the people here can, or at least will try, to answer all of my questions (technical or otherwise), and it was an overall awesome learning experience.