Computer Vision Specialist

Published on March 29, 2019
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About the company

Qubiz is a software development company that delivers custom-tailored IT solutions for growing companies – usually from Western Europe. Our solutions range from enterprise software applications and business intelligence solutions to web and mobile applications.Besides development, we also invest heavily in researching new technologies. We’ve started with machine learning, blockchain, AR/MR with Hololens, IoT. Now, we’re looking for someone to join our internal research team.

What will you be working on?

Ongoing projects that you might work on: Content/Advertising detection, Object detection platform, Recap detection(detect if a part of a video also appears in another video), Video technical analysis.New projects we have in the plan: intro detections, end credit detection, action classification from video

Requirements for this role

  • Experience with at least one major deep learning framework (such as Caffe, Theano, Torch, Tensorflow)
  • Competence with computer vision libraries such as OpenCV
  • Fast prototyping skills, including comprehensive feature integration during all cycles of development
  • Practical knowledge of machine learning, information theory, and data science
  • Self-reliant; able to work independently and accept responsibility for projects
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills
  • Willingness to learn and experiment with a passion for technology
  • Strong fundamentals in problem-solving, algorithm design and complexity analysis
  • Good verbal and written communication and presentation skills, ability to convey ML concepts and considerations to non-experts
  • Manage and develop key relationships with colleagues and clients through collaborative thinking with a strong client focus

On a personal level, you’re:

  • Passionate about algorithms and experimentation
  • Able to deal with a high degree of uncertainty (things might not work as expected as they are in the experimental phase)
  • Able to assess and apply researched technologies to a business context (for example, the traveling salesman problem: finding the shortest path between 10 cities while minimizing costs)
  • Team player

It’s a plus if you have

  • Experience with Python, ML algorithms, or complex algorithms
  • Experience with Linux Environment
  • Experience with C/C++
  • Experience with any of Git, Mercurial, TFS
  • Experience with cloud-based solutions: Amazon, Azure, Google, Firebase or others
  • A maintained GitHub account (or something similar)


  • Friendly environment, a great team
  • Professional and personal development
  • Varied and challenging projects
  • All the support for a healthy life, sports, and hobbies
  • Fun in & out of office
  • And some money every month
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