About Qubiz
& nearshore software development

Qubiz is a nearshore software development outsourcing company from Romania that delivers custom-tailored IT solutions for growing companies.

Company culture

Our company culture is centred around a set of core values that defines who we are and how we work.

Client centricity

We seek to actively involve our clients in every stage of the projects we carry out, thus making sure our distributed teams work together as One Team.


We are driven by a constant appetite for innovation and technical proficiency, but above all, we focus on delivering value-added solutions that meet our clients' business goals.

Trust and respect

We view our colleagues and clients as trusted partners to whom we show respect through our commitment, reliability and the quality of our work.


We encourage our colleagues to be autonomous, take innovative approaches, and proactively help deliver better results to our clients and our teams.


Qubiz is defined by its friendly work atmosphere and flat organisation that stimulate open collaboration between team members.


We believe work should be enjoyable and fun. We also think that having fun together outside of work is totally awesome!

Qubiz in a nutshell

Founded in 2008 in Romania, Qubiz is an experienced nearshore software development company with the mission to provide its clients with complete IT solutions that fit their particular business needs.

Team size

130+ IT pros

distributed between Oradea and Cluj-Napoca

Organic Growth

20% per year

while keeping a tiny personnel turnover rate

Market Focus


big and small, typically from Western Europe

Geo presence

HQs in Romania

presence in the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany
Why near shoring to Romania?
Geographic position
Romania's geographic position in Europe makes it an ideal candidate for IT nearshoring - a mere 2 and a half hours' flight from Amsterdam or London.
Why near shoring to Romania?
Great talent pool
Oradea and Cluj-Napoca, where our offices are located, are renown for their universities, as well as for the vibrant IT communities that are developing there.
Why near shoring to Romania?
Cultural similarities
Romania’s culture is very close to that of Western European countries - an invaluable advantage when you have distributed teams that need to communicate and work together as one.
Why near shoring to Romania?
Great value to cost ratio
Companies that nearshore to Romania get Western quality software development services for competitive rates.
Why near shoring to Romania?
Solution-oriented attitude
Our experience and deep understanding of the challenges Western European companies face allows us to proactively assist our clients in finding innovative, value-added solutions for their business challenges.
Why near shoring to Romania?
Romania is an EU member since 2007 and a NATO member since 2004. Its laws are aligned with the EU, which means it's safe to do business here. In the years following the recession, Romania's economy grew steadily, with a steep development of the IT sector.


Stephen Taylor
Product Manager
Thomsons Online Benefits

I have been very pleased with the Qubiz team while working with them. The team has been committed to the project, understood what we are trying to achieve, and delivered work at a high quality and within agreed timelines. I feel like you are a part of the broader Thomsons engineering team. The line between the Thomsons team and the Qubiz team is sometimes blurry - which is great - it means everyone is working well together.

Robert van Rijn
Development Manager

I feel that you are different compared with other outsourcing companies. We call this the Qubiz open mentality, or culture. This is the base that helps Qubiz and Davanti succeed together.

Paul Best
ICT, Innovation, Buying and Facilities

We work together very closely with the Qubiz team on a daily basis and this results in on-time delivery but also in a proactive way of working together that gives us more than a client-supplier relationship. It's as if the dedicated team are our own employees. So very pleasant working together like this! Overall, we see a lot of reasons to continue and scale up the cooperation.

Selected clients

Ericsson Red Bee
(Red Bee Media) Media - UK
FirstPort IT solution by Qubiz
Professional services - UK
eBuyer ecommerce
Retail - UK
Intersolve & Qubiz
Professional services - NL
Caxton financial services app developed by Qubiz
Caxton fx
Financial services - UK
City, University of London
City University of London
Healthcare - UK
oxford university innovation (ISIS)
Oxford University Innovation
Healthcare - UK
salus controls
Salus Controls
Professional services - UK
Nudge Global IT solution by Qubiz
Nudge Global
Financial services - UK
Van den Bosch IT solution by Qubiz
Van den Bosch
Logistics - NL
JVD IT solution by Qubiz
Trade - NL
Aviclaim - IT solution by Qubiz
Professional services - NL
Professional services - UK
TrendsCo. & Qubiz
Professional services - NL


Our partners in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany join us in the projects in which our clients need local support.

Fred Kwakkel, a Dutch entrepreneur and business IT consultant, is our favoured partner in The Netherlands. Thanks to his project management experience and "clients first" philosophy, we manage to successfully carry out projects that require innovation, deep business insight, and local support - all important aspects to clients in the healthcare sector. Phone: 06-21598815
ScalarData Netherlands ScalarData is a startup launched by Ronald Span and Peter Langela that provides comprehensive big data training, solutions and support for clients in the Netherlands. Their Big Data experience combined with our technical skills allows us to deliver complex Big Data solutions together. Phone: 053 203 0070
SimplyCare SimplyCare is a software platform that we developed in partnership with the eponymous Dutch software product development company. SimplyCare is an Enterprise (Health)Care Management Software dedicated to Dutch health care providers and social care organisations. Contact Hans Humhuis: 06-50635611