Life at Qubiz

We are constantly looking for talented & energetic people who want to grow and make a difference

Your Career

At Qubiz there is only one way to go: up. But not necessarily in hierarchy, ’cause we’re a pretty flat organisation. However, as you grow professionally (and personally), we encourage you to take up the roles that best fit your experience and aspirations.


At Qubiz everybody has a career manager on whom you can always rely if you need assistance and who is responsible for your professional and personal development. Our mentors are super heroes.

Challenging projects

If there would be just one thing we could say about our projects, it would be this: you won’t get bored. We love diversity in our projects and we love technical challenges even more!

Training & certifications

We encourage you to participate in third-party and in-house training and certification programs to help you develop your "hard" and "soft" skills. We really do believe in lifelong learning.

Second specialisation

We believe in specialising in one field as we do in mastering multiple disciplines at once. It’s your choice in the end, but if you opt for the latter, we'll provide you with all the support you need to achieve it.


If you’re like us, you’re not in this field for the pay, the perks, and the collateral benefits of working in cool companies like Qubiz. Instead, you’re animated by genuine passion and the joy of learning new things every day.

Benefits are the inherent compensation for the great work you’ll be doing with us.


Competitive salary

As a top employer, it goes without saying that Qubiz offers compensation packages that are in line with or above the IT market.


Coffee, tea, fruit, cookies and "praji" are the things we always have in mind - well, except for when we're focused on solving some interesting problem.

Sports discounts

To get all the calories off our bellies, we like to practice all sorts of sports. In fact, Qubiz supports your sporty impulses with a series of discounts on sports equipment and membership fees.

Private medical insurance

Starting with 2017 Qubiz offers a very attractive private medical insurance for the huge monthly cost of 3 beers downtown.


Oh, we love trips! We have our yearly Winter Camps and Summer Camps and then we have the occasional team building excursions - not to mention business travelling to places like the Netherlands and the UK!

Celebrations & parties

OK, we have around 11 birthdays every month (praji!) and we have super parties like the now famous Christmas Party and its summer equivalent, the Company Meeting Party! Oh, and we tend to party when a difficult sprint goes well.

Cool workplace

We have great colleagues and we have great working conditions (ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks, top-notch devices). What else would you need more?

Other perks

Among the diverse perks of working here we can highlight the flexible schedule for students, massage sessions and devices (!), shopping and movies discounts, and many more.

People Culture

Below’s the video we created for the European Business Awards contest:

Job openings

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Career level: Junior/Middle
Job type: Software developer
City: Oradea
Career level: Middle/senior
Job type: Software developer
City: Oradea, Cluj
Career level: Junior
Job type: Software developer
City: Oradea, Cluj
Career level: Middle/senior
Job type: devops
City: Oradea
Career level: Senior
Job type: Mobile developer
City: Oradea, Cluj
Career level: Senior
Job type: Software developer
City: Oradea, Cluj
Career level: Middle/senior
Job type: QA/testing
City: Cluj