Published on July 25, 2012
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Since this is a time when many of us already went or will go on their summer holidays, we have decided to come up with a blog article which is more related to us, the people behind the company, telling you about one of our team members, who will introduce herself a little bit and will tell about her life in Qubiz.

Things are never the same in Qubiz. Every day something new appears. Customer centered, results driven, trust and respect, entrepreneurship, fun, new challenges, dear colleagues are some of the words that describe us every day.

As a matter a fact, my life changed completely since 19th of April 2011, when I made my first step in Qubiz. Everything was new for me, beside my new colleagues, there were new technologies, a new way of working and thinking. I remember my first 3 months, trying to accommodate with all those new things. At the beginning it wasn’t simple, but nowadays, everything is so easy.

A day in my life in Qubiz is different from a day to another. There is always something new in my schedule, but due to this, I managed to be self-organised. As a HR specialist, a day in Qubiz starts with taking care of people. I like to say that due to the fact I am always in charge that my colleagues have some fresh fruits on their tables. After that I make the food order (for lunch) to a catering company. These are usual stuff until 10 o’clock. After this hour, I prepare reports, look for new opportunities for people in the company, search for new potential candidates, plan interviews, prepare internships, organise teambuildings events such as: Qmeetings (meetings in which we present the results from the last 6 months, our client feedback etc), Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Christmas party and so on, or try to surprise my colleagues. In other words, I am trying to be a good support whenever it is necessary.

I guess that the key to success in Qubiz is that we are more than colleagues, we are a team, we concentrate as much as we can on our tasks, give all that we can give, share knowledge, in a good and pleasant atmosphere . And that’s what we call the Qubiz’ spirit.

Nevertheless, I consider myself lucky being here, caring people, sharing knowledge, learning more and more, discovering new challenges every day and being able to face them.

And this is my life in Qubiz: full of joy and smiles, different from a day to another.

By Alina Gadoiu

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